Tuesday, November 2, 2010



This is not the first since I started blogging. But it's kind of weird when I need to post it in English. Ya, kill me because of my broken English with 5.5 for my IELTS. Duhhh.

Ops, sorry for the lame introduction. And the tittle. It's look like I'm enjoying gossiping in my blog. Like always.

Okay, actually this blog is part of my way to get an A for my block examination. But it's doesn't mean that I'm here begging for my A result, people, but it's kind of. Hehe'

I will try my best to share my ideas and opinion regarding our Health System and Disaster's block. Hah? What is health system? Okay, don't panic. I will explain everything (everything doesn't mean everything) about it in my next post.

Keep support my blog. And I'll support yours too. Baik kan I?

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