Friday, November 5, 2010

Health System


After a brief explanation about a system from my previous post, now I will tell you guys about health system. 

What is a health system? 
Health system is a system that consists of the components, organizations, institutions and people that mainly focus to improve health.

Basically, the function of health system is to balance between population's needs and expectations by:
- improving the health status of individuals, families and communities
- defending the population against what threatens its health
- protecting people against the financial consequences of ill-health
- providing equitable access to people-centred care
- making it possible for people to participate in decisions affecting their health and health system

There are 6 (six) components that play important role to make sure that the health system functioning well. They are:

1. Leadership and governance - mainly focus on set goals, policy makers and enforce regulations, dealing with any problems and challenges.

2. Health information system - make information accessible to all communities involved,

3. Health financing - mainly target on financial, how to deal with insurance, to rise funds and ensure effectiveness used of money.

4. Essential medical products and technologies - list of essentials medical products, availability, accessibility, safety monitoring and quality control.

5. Human resources - Patients, families, communities, Ministries of Health, health providers, health services organizations, pharmaceutical companies, health financing bodies, and other organizations.

6. Health services - to control the standards, norms and guidance, to ensure access and essential dimensions of quality: safety, effectiveness, integration, continuity, and people -centered.

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